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Professor Sedlik is a consultant and testifying forensic photography expert witness on all issues related to photography and imaging: Copyright, licensing, contracts, business practices, industry standards, stock photography, model releases, rights of privacy/publicity, metadata, evaluation of lost or damaged photographs and film, evaluation of photography assets, technical matters, forensic digital analysis, forensic photography, litigation support. Trained photography expert witness, negotiator and mediator providing clients with dispute resolution services, and assisting clients in negotiating favorable settlements without litigation.

Photography technical, business, licensing and copyright consultant and photography expert witness for attorneys, stock agencies, professional photographers, artists, artist representatives, publishers, software developers, advertising agencies, PR firms, graphic designers, law enforcement and other organizations engaged in production, distribution, preservation or use of photography.

Respected and acknowledged authority on all forms of commercial, editorial and stock photography and imaging. President & CEO, PLUS Coalition, the international licensing standards body for the photography and advertising industries. Past President, Advertising Photographers of America (APA). Chief Advisor on Licensing & Copyright, APA.  Professor of Photography, Art Center College of Design. In addition to photography expert witness services, leading consultant, speaker, author on legal, business, and technical photography topics.

Expert in identifying faked, altered and manipulated photographs. Featured in numerous publications, acknowledged as a pioneer in digital forensics, and the leading expert in the field.  Experienced photography expert witness with strong communication skills.

Working professional advertising photographer with decades of experience at the highest level. Named 2005 Photography Industry Leader of the Year 2005 by International Photography Council. Named Photography Person of the Year, 2006, by Photo Media Magazine.

Photography expert witnesses, legal analysts, forensic litigation support consultants/experts working with attorneys, lawyers, law firms, legal, insurance, legislative, judicial, regulatory, government, business decision makers and professionals. A photography expert witness for all your litigation needs.

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Professor Jeff Sedlik
Photography Expert Witness and Consultant
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